Advert Outdoor Billboards Will Increase Your Business

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      Advert Outdoor Billboards Will Increase Your Business

      There’s one undeniable thing about billboards: They’re always “on.” Motorists and passengers view them 24/7, and many are motivated to take action. A billboard message that’s clear, engaging and striking builds success with the thousands of drivers and passengers who see a typical billboard every day in south-central Pennsylvania.

      According to a study by Omnicom Media, out-of-home advertising, including billboard advertising, generates $5.97 in sales for every dollar spent. It also enhances the performance of other kinds of advertising. According to the research, OOH advertising improves the effectiveness of print media by 14 percent and digital search by 40 percent.

      Targeted ads with brilliant graphics

      It is possible to target billboard advertising with extreme precision. For example, a hungry motorist who sees a billboard ad for a restaurant located at the next exit may take immediate action. Or consider the case study of a bank that gained $5 million in new deposits as a direct result of an outdoor advertising campaign.

      Today, advertisers rely on improved metrics to predict ad exposure as never before. It is possible to analyze government traffic data, census data regarding where people live and work, anonymous data regarding mobile phone use, and weather statistics to measure billboard exposure.

      Traditional and digital both effective

      Today’s billboards include both traditional low-tech and digital high-tech options.

      Traditional billboards

      Americans travel about 11 billion miles per day, with 45 percent of travel devoted to shopping and errands. Along the way, they drive past approximately 450,000 billboards. Long ago, billboard messages were printed on media vulnerable to rough weather, moisture and ultraviolet-induced fading.

      Today’s vinyl billboards are very flexible and moisture-resistant, and they are digitally printed with UV-resistant inks. Digital printing allows for immensely creative, colorful, graphic billboard designs that attract attention.

      Digital billboards

      A small but increasing number of U.S. billboards are digital. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that in 2017 there were 7,300 digital billboards in the United States, up approximately 26 percent in just two years.

      When Nielsen surveyed 1,256 respondents, it found that 71 percent felt digital billboards stood out better than online ads, and 60 percent recalled seeing one in the past week.

      Advert Outdoor offers space on digital and traditional vinyl billboards in south-central Pennsylvania. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business, so we can demonstrate how billboards can enhance your marketing efforts. For prompt, expert, friendly assistance, please contact us today.