We Buy Billboards – Any Shape – Any Condition

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      We Buy Billboards – Any Shape – Any Condition

      Do you own a billboard or group of billboards? Have you recently inherited some signs? Have you grown tired of finding advertisers to lease the billboard? If so, the good news is you can sell your billboards to Advert Outdoor and free yourself from the job of billboard leasing and maintenance.

      At Advert Outdoor, we buy all kinds of billboards regardless of condition, size, shape or quantity. Whether you have one privately owned billboard or many, we are interested.

      People own billboards in many different locations, from urban to suburban to rural. For example, some farmers have had billboards on their land for many years. Then, circumstances change — perhaps retirement is fast approaching, or there is a need for more cash than the lease payments from advertiser’s provide.

      All Locations

      In south-central PA, we buy billboards in and around larger cities like Lancaster, Harrisburg and York, and along the major interstate highways that crisscross the region. We also buy billboards situated on state highways and county roads, regardless of daily traffic volumes. They may be near cities like Hershey and Gettysburg, or they may be in smaller communities throughout the region like Hanover, Littlestown or Spring Grove. We’ll also consider billboards in other areas nearby.

      All Sizes, Any Condition

      We buy standard-sized “bulletin” billboards measuring 14-ft x 48-ft (672 sq-ft) as well as so-called “30 sheet” billboards measuring 12-ft x 24-ft (288 sq-ft) and anything in between. We’ll even consider the small “8-sheet” billboards measuring 6-ft x 12-ft.

      We will buy single-sided and two-sided billboards. We are interested in all billboards whether they are lighted or not, or whether they have fallen into disrepair or not. Perhaps your billboard sustained damage in a windstorm and you don’t want to invest in repairs at this point. Typically, the billboard still has some value.

      Reasons to Sell

      This may be an ideal time to sell your billboard. There are many reasons to do so, including:

      • New real estate opportunities
      • Cash needed to start or expand a business
      • Settle an estate
      • 401k retirement contributions
      • Pay college tuition

      Or, perhaps you simply need cash for other important reasons.

      Contact Us Today

      Whether you have one billboard or many, Advert Outdoor is interested. Please contact us today with the details of the billboards you own, and we’ll gladly arrange to visit your site and put together a competitive offer.